Monday, July 16, 2007

Sisters under the skin

Tar Art Rat sounds more and more like my father facing a TV on which Ronald Reagan is seen ducking into a helicopter, one hand held to a supposedly unhearing ear

" "Countries like Iceland... demonstrate that living within our environmental means doesn't mean sacrificing human wellbeing," said Nic Marks, founder of Nef's Centre for Wellbeing."
Iceland has a population of just BARELY over 300,000 people (jackass!), even though the whole country drives SUVs (out of necessity) HOW BIG OF A GODDAMN CARBON FOOTPRINT CAN THEY EVEN POSSIBLY LEAVE??? I mean, jesus, 300,000 people is the size of most people's neighborhoods.

as well as this quote:

Scandinavians, Icelanders and the Swiss are the happiest people in Europe, while the unhappiest seven are all former Soviet-bloc states."

Ja, NOOO SHIIIIT -living in a socialized and/or wealthy blonde-haired blue-eyed Utopia might make me happy too whereas living is a debased and chaotic post-communist zone of shock and confusion might make me UNhappy. Ugh.

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"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

ahhh, result of being trapped in an un-airconditioned office on a HOT and lovely summer day after just having been to the beach all weekend- but you know when you read an article or study that just kinda makes you a little bit nuts? I'm sure tomorrow will be a more level-headed day... well, not SURE, but y'know... perhaps. Speaking of happiness a teacher of mine once said "Did you ever consider that you might never be truly happy? Perhaps you should realize that and just go from there..." indeed, not worrying about happiness all the time does, strangely enough, make one a bit more happy overall... heck, then again- to heck with happiness, aren't we really just seeing satisfaction out of life through whatever goals we are able to fulfill and whatever parts or portions of whichever plans we are able to come close to executing?... naja. I get married tomorrow, my brain is a bit flodded with these types of thoughts... the key is not to take them tooo seriously... not at all, not at all.