Saturday, July 28, 2007

ausgeschlossen again

Got locked out of the apartment again. Discovered strange fact about the neighbourhood.

For 49 euros (10% off for online booking) you can get a single room at chi-chi Sarotti with free Internet access, TV, radio, iron, all mod cons.

For 62 euros you can get a single room at Hotel Transit, a weirdly overpriced hostel in Hagelbergerstrasse: ambience that of a humane prison.

For a special 3-night August booking you can get a single at the very grand Riehmers Hotel in Yorckstrasse for 63 euros (normal price 98 euros).

The question I naturally ask myself is: is Sarotti moneylaundering?

(What happened: Sarotti was full (natürlich) so I got a single at the Transit for 40 euros by agreeing to be out by 8am.)

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