Monday, July 23, 2007

i+e again

An e-mail has arrived from John Chris Jones, author of The Internet and Everyone (described in an earlier post):

dear Helen,

while dipping into the google response to "john chris jones"
(14 500 entries) i chanced upon your page re i+e of July 17 2007!

i'm encouraged - thank you - and i liked your description of myself - i'm getting used to being the oldest person in the room

did you know that the book can be bought by mail order for £10 plus postage and packing from Tracey Moberly (now married to Jonathan Moberly) at the Foundry:

[No, this is news to me. One reader of paperpools has already bought a copy of i+e off Amazon and wonders how he ever lived with out it; those who would like to buy a copy without waiting for me get my stock out of storage can now order one from Tracey.

For those new to the topic, John Chris Jones is the author Design Methods, a pioneering work on design; he was invited by ellipsis to write a book about the Internet and wrote one that is like no book you've ever seen.] gives reviews of i+e and and a place to order a copy -- or you can write directly to tracey AT myshop DOT me DOT uk.


Jenny Davidson said...

I've ordered it from (US) Amazon too, it had a 5-6 week ship date so who knows if it will actually turn up, but in theory it seemed purchasable.

rpmcsweeney said...

I'm having some trouble purchasing it from the Foundry. I'm instructed to email for purchasing details, but this is not an emailable address. Anyone out there have any hints?

Helen DeWitt said...

DH: Ah. Funny you should say that. I had a look at the website recommended by John Chris, and the e-mail address did not look viable. So I have e-mailed John Chris asking if he has a workable e-mail address for myshop (which has presumably not been seeing brisk sales). I will post it on paperpools as soon as I hear.