Monday, August 6, 2007

Jewish Humour in Wikipedia

(from the DeWitt archives)

> Jewish depictions of heaven as a place where humans go upon death are
> few, and depict it as a place where Jews spend eternity studying the
> Written and Oral Torah.
> Jewish depictions of hell as a place humans go upon death are even
> fewer. According to most depictions, upon death, Jews who have sinned
> spend up to twelve miserable months in gehenna before going to heaven,
> although some accounts suggest that certain classes of sinners never go
> to heaven.
> (It's the "twelve miserable months" that's so lovely.)


Did you know that is the reason that one says Kaddish for 11 months after a
parent's death? A common explanation for saying Kaddish is that it helps
the soul escape Gehenna; but if one said it for 12 months one would be
insulting one's parent by implying that they were evil enough to spend the
full time there.

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