Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Danielle and Jessica very kindly made offers in the comments of a place to stay, each with a cat (which sounds just the thing to relieve the stress of a roadshow).  I realised later that I had taken my e-mail address off pp so was not easily contactable; if you would still be willing to put me up for a few nights it would be wonderful.

Both New Directions and n+1 have been coming up with new things to do, so it seems I should try to be in New York for a slightly longer time than originally expected.  One reader has generously offered a place for September 8-12, another for (roughly) October 3-7; meanwhile New Directions has said it would help if I could come back to NYC for the 29th of September, n+1 will be having some kind of event on 26th October and New Directions will be having its 75th Birthday Gala at Cooper Union on the 27th.  I think I will be going up to Boston for the 18th of October (and maybe a day or so either side), but otherwise I am hoping to rely on the kindness of strangers.

A reader has also come to my rescue and offered to sublet my apartment, which is, on the one hand, great, but means, on the other hand, that I have been doing the things one does to get an apartment ready for occupancy by someone other than oneself.  (So, er, had no idea that a whole week had gone by since commenters kindly offered a place to stay in New York.)


leah said...

I've been meaning to write that you're welcome at our place in Bedford anytime, though our guest accommodations consist of a futon in the living room... a living room which is also frequented by a toddler, a baby, a dog, and a sometimes haggard mama. Which is to say I fear that the offer is perhaps insulting. But less insulting that offering nothing? However things shake out, Dan and I would love to be helpful in any way we can on your trip up to Boston.

Helen DeWitt said...

Leah - A friend in the Boston area has very kindly said I could stay with his family - but it would be so nice to see you and Dan and Harvey (and baby and dog). The Seder was one of the high points of the year.

leah said...

We'll keep the week marked off on our calendar :)