Sunday, September 4, 2011


A friend has just written asking why I had not told her about a reading.  Probably because it seemed like an imposition.  At any rate, these are the events I know of (you'll notice that I am a bit hazy on times, will post these when I know what they are):


8 September Center for Fiction (Party for new n+1 issue, which includes an excerpt from Lightning Rods, with enactment of scenes from the book) : 17 East 47th Street (time TBA)

10 September  Literary Pub Crawl (time and place TBA) : Enactment of different scenes from Lightning Rods, Q&A

6 October Reading at McNally Jackson and Q&A with Sam Lipsyte: 52 Prince Street (time TBA)

10 October 6:30pm Reading with Dale Peck of Mischief + Mayhem  at le Poisson Rouge 158 Bleecker Street

13 October 7 pm Reading at 192 Books in Chelsea : 190 10th Avenue 


17 October Reading at Brandeis University

18 October Reading at Harvard Coop


26 October  n+1 event just mentioned by Keith Gessen, details TBA

27 October Cooper Union New Directions  75 Birthday Gala : 30 Cooper Square
[corner of e 7th street and 3rd avenue] - writers reading from favorite ND books

Meanwhile, Andrew Gelman has read the excerpt of LR in the new issue of n+1 and has a review up, which you can read here.


Philip Duncan said...

You and Sam Lipsyte in the same Q&A? My bells of booknerd enthusiasm are ringing.

Daniel said...

How late do you think the pub crawl will run on Saturday night? There's no chance that I'll be able to make it to the Lounge at Dixon Place by 8:15, but I might be able to sneak in quietly around 9:00. Should I try to get there, or will I just end up interrupting the event and missing most of the activity?

Helen DeWitt said...

I think it goes on till 10. That is, I'm not sure exactly how long the enactment is meant to be, but in any case I would be there until 10 along with anyone who felt like having a drink and talking.