Monday, August 15, 2011

Readers of PP will be aware that Lightning Rods is coming out in October.  It looks as though I will be in New York from September 8 to 11 -- n+1 is having an event on the 8th at the Center for Fiction to launch its next issue, which includes an extract from LR, and there will be a literary pub crawl on the 10th -- and back in town for the first two weeks of October before (I think) going up to Boston. 

Powerhouse Arena has very kindly offered to hold a launch party for the book on (I think) October 5.  Tom Roberge, the publicist at New Directions, is lining up some readings and other events.

So (ahem) New Directions does not have the kind of slush fund available to Miramax; we are all sending e-mails around to see whether anyone might have a spare bed / room for a few nights.  This may well suffice to compensate for the ND-Mx gap; if any reader of PP happens to have room to spare, though, we would be profoundly grateful.

(In November I will probably go down to DC, but here my mother and sister can put up the itinerant author.)

Also, if anyone has any other ideas for events do let me know.  Not necessarily in New York or Boston, though anything outside, what, this little enclave of the upper eastern seaboard is probably also more than the budget can bear.  (Sad, really, otherwise I could go to Toronto and meet Sheila Heti and Margaux Williamson and Joey Comeau and Emily Horne.)


George Dickerson said...

Put Lightning Rods on pre-order at the bookstore at which I work. Must say I am positively wild with anticipation for it.

Danielle said...

You're welcome to stay at my place in Brooklyn. I'm a long-time reader, and I have a spare futon, a spare mattress, and a very fuzzy cat.

Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

I have a spare couch and uncomfortable futon mattress. I live in the Bronx with a lightly fuzzy cat and a boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

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Helen DeWitt said...

Danielle, Jessica - this is bad, this is rude, to wait so long to reply, have been, not literally rushing around, but giving e-mail interviews, writing pieces for people, corresponding with a couple of friends who had room for a few nights. If you do in fact have a place where I could stay for another few nights, that would be wonderful - could you perhaps drop me a line at hdewitt AT Thank you!

Kate said...

If London is added to the itinerary, there is a rather small but comfortable spare bedroom in Blackheath (SE3) you would be welcome to. Other occupants: two American expat humans and one American expat cat.