Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anyone interested in coming to Berlin?  I'm leaving for the States on August 29 for three months, possibly longer, will be subletting my apartment.  Some photos (furniture has since been rearranged) here.  A chance to spend quality time with an upright piano and 3000 books.

Lots of great cafés in the area, including a jazz café on the corner; Potsdamerplatz (with the Staatsbibliothek, Philharmonie, Neue Nationalgalerie, Sony Cinecenter and Arsenal) is about 15 minutes away by bike, well connected by U-Bahn to Museuminsel.

About $900 a month including bills.


Mo said...

If such an offer is ever made available during the summer, when students such as myself are not drowning in academia, consider a deal struck.

Signed, Mo, age 17.

JMLA said...

Lightning Rods now coming to my front door 20 days sooner than expected. Can't wait!

dave said...

As great as this opportunity sounds (this time, I'll have to pass), the highlight for me was discovering that printed editions of The Internet and Everyone still exist.