Thursday, May 29, 2008

GTM Logistics

is bringing everything I own in Britain out of storage and over to Berlin. This means I shall soon have a couple of hundred copies of John Chris Jones' The Internet and Everyone. I think.

I'm hoping GTM Logistics is not outraged when they see the number of boxes to be brought over. The form I filled in for a quote simply asked the size of one's house (2 bedroom, in this case, back in 1999) and the things to be transported (boxes of books, piano). If you use a shelving system of garden blocks, bricks and planks you can get an awful lot of books in two bedrooms; I had one bedroom used for nothing but floor-to-ceiling shelves of books.

I tried to post a comment on Night Hauling and got this capcha

which I apparently failed to decipher (to me it looked like iiipq, but perhaps it was ijjpq or iijpq), so I then got this capcha

The wheelchair always makes me laugh. I suppose an eyepatch would be tactless.


Mithridates said...

Unimprovable indeed. Especially if you've heard Price speak. Reminds me of a jaded, hardboiled Bugs Bunny. Reading Clockers on the side: great.

Right now I have a room dedicated entirely to books checked out from the Rutgers library. 172. Accumulated over the last few years. I've only had two books recalled in three years. Isn't that amazing? Goes to show you how my interests rarely conflict with my peers'. I return books regularly, but always check out 2 for every 1 I return. I wish I knew how to use those programs you use to make graphs. I would need a visual representation of how many books I have, how many I've read 1/3 of, 1/2 of, 3/4 of or all of, how many have absolutely nothing to do with my dissertation, etc.

A beautiful day, and thinking about the wrong things, as usual.

nsiqueiros said...

Floor-to-ceiling shelves of books? Sounds like heaven or an accident waiting to happen. ;)

ghost said...

I love these posts of yrs that start in one place and end up somewhere totally else.

and I am worried about what to do with my bookshelves in case I get a teaching job in the States. Where do I put my books? I don't know anyone in Bonn who would have the place to store all these books...dammit.

thomaspa said...

sometimes I think those work verification things are really screwing with me. really.

thomaspa said...

"word", not work!