Wednesday, May 28, 2008

by popular demand

Readers who have seen the online YNH forum have been asking whether it is possible to buy a copy of Your Name Here in PDF.

Your Name Here currently includes a large number of images for which permission has not been cleared. It's normally not possible to clear permission until a publisher has been found for a book, so it shouldn't be sold in that form in PDF in the meantime. TARARTRAT suggested some time ago taking the images out and giving people the links to places where they could be found online. I've been trying to do this. Unfortunately some of the links I have no longer work; I am posting these images on the blog in the hope that someone may recognise one or more and know the source.

This is the list of images. A copy of YOUR NAME HERE with placeholders for the images is now available for $8 by PayPal, payments to be sent to; readers can decide for themselves whether they want to track down the images and see what should go in the finished book.

p 49 Adorno on Beckett on the Deformed Subject on YouTube
p. 124 poster of Mastroianni in 8 1/2, 8 times, cover of Criterion Collection edition, here
p 137 still of Mastroianni on the beach from magazine (I think Paris Match)
p 168 still of woman answering the phone 1948, here
182 another still from the video of Adorno on YouTube

231 electoral map of US from al-Hayat, 2004

245 image of Fellini holding hand against the world, here

256 image of some masks, source required, see below

271 image of Marcello M and Ekberg from la dolce vita, here

333 image of Marcello smoking, here

370 image of Bob Hoskins and Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? here

388 image of knife, here

444 image of Michael Redgrave and ventriloquist's dummy from Dead of Night, here

473 image of a different poster of 8 1/2 repeated 3 times (over text from Terry Gilliam), here

487 another image of Adorno from the YouTube video

511 image of elevator shaft at KaDeWe, source required, see below

519 image of Mastroianni followed by Fellini in 8 1/2, here

557 image of woman's face from ukiyo-e, source required, see below

580 image of Tom Cruise waving, source required, see below

Picture permissions

As I've explained, I need to find the owners of the following images (the links I kept to the sources don't work, so I don't know how to track them down). If you happen to recognise one or more and know where it came from please let me know.


Anonymous said...

was this post somewhat intended to be comical? i guess not, but i laughed when you was like "you need to get permission" but if you want to see all the images go on youtube/some other

Anonymous said...

was this post somewhat intended to be comical? i guess not, but i laughed when you was like "you need to get permission" but if you want to see all the images go on youtube/some other

Ithaca said...

Many of these links are to sites that probably did not clear the permission themselves - but then, they are not using the images for commercial gain. If the book is published, either the images must be taken out or permission must be obtained to use them for commercial purposes.

AWessels said...

If a person takes a picture and posts it on the internet only to disappear forever, do the rights still exist? Apparently, and unfortunately, the answer to this lamely philosophical question is yes.

Here's hoping that those last few pictures can be tracked down soon!

Elatia Harris said...

These legal complexities are vilely frustrating, but here's an idea. You could have photo-realist paintings made from images you would otherwise have to source and purchase rights to. Then you buy the rights to publish from the painter, who has not had to pay anyone to feed his own muse. They do this kind of painting in Hong Kong -- it makes everyone look like a billboard-style rendition of themselves, photo-based, instantly recognizable. FF, MM and TC would be easy. Replicating the ukiyo-e face with diagrams all over it would be an hour's work for a representational painter. I don't know how important to the entire project it is to have photos, rather than photos of photo-realist paintings of photos, but if it's not crucial thee may be many fewer legal obstacles.

Ithaca said...

EH I find it hard to believe that hiring someone to come up with photorealistic paintings would be cheaper or less time-consuming than simply doing some picture research and clearing permissions. Once the book has a publisher, anyway, it can all be handed over to someone else.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on a potential publisher? I know an ugly prince is still a prince but a properly binded book would be much more enjoyable than a bunch of A4s stapled together :(

Ithaca said...

Talks about talks about talks.