Thursday, May 22, 2008

Berlin for Paris apartment swap

I'd like to swap my apartment in Berlin for one in Paris for July and August, or July OR August. I've posted a description of the apartment on Craigslist, with more pictures on pp at Wordpress.


Cecilieaux said...

I'd like to swap my planet for one in another galaxy.

Nathaniel said...

Nice flat, but my question is whether you're planning to switch over to the nicer-looking Wordpress blog at some point (beyond posting quotations)?

Ithaca said...

c, sight unseen?

n, having a blog that didn't explain felt very good, so as time went by I couldn't bring myself to clutter it up with obiter dicta. So it would be necessary to start up yet another wordpress blog (as offering the 'more' feature), which is not in itself bad but I am then overwhelmed by the proliferation of blogs and it's just too much