Sunday, May 25, 2008

the catcher in the s-bahn

Took the S5 out to Frederdorf to ride my bike to Strausberg, using a map that had been sold as a bike map.

A few boys who looked about 9 years old were lying stretched out on the pull-down seats in the bike section. Four or five more were forced to sit on regular seats. A girl in her early 20s was taking individually-wrapped Raffaello chocolates from a box, sometimes eating them, sometimes tossing them to the boys across the aisle. A boy came down the train and held out his baseball cap; she lobbed a Raffaello, which he fielded. Another boy came with his baseball cap. She said That was the last one. Rummaged in a big wheeled bag. Pulled out another box! Went on tossing chocolates across the aisle.


Jenny Davidson said...



I am mysteriously enchanted by this post...

One day let us hope to have a nice bicycle ride together, Helen, you will have to be the one in charge of map and route though?!?

Anonymous said...

Pretty! Things have gotten so pretty lately.


thomaspa said...

i love it when things like this happen.