Monday, June 4, 2007

The Third Arm

Johanna Thompson tells me she has seen Automatenhilfe in Frankfurt and in Friedrichstrasse. We were arranging to meet an exhibition last week; she sent me an e-mail about Stelarc who does work on zombies and cyborgs:

Stelarc is very funny, an Australian artist, who has the most amazing
laughter I ever heard....
he used to suspend himself between high buildings using meathooks, but later
got into using technology to achieve closeness without proximity, a very
attractive concept I remember thinking.
This was in the 90s, maybe times have changed and cyborg-expectations have
been modyfied and became Automatenhilfe. What a surprising development, in a
Here is Stelarc's site
I don't know why I keep talking about him...he became important to me a pet rock...

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