Monday, June 18, 2007

More prisons

The sniper writes:

There is a road that used to be open but now is closed called 443.
closed for palestinians that is. There is a unit stationed at a road
block by 443, and all they do is tell every car that comes at the
gate, no, you can't get through, my hands are tied. every car night
and day. A year passed, even two I think, but cars are still trying.
If you have advanced standing you could get your first degree at
harvard while someone else has spent the last three years saying no
you can't get through. but people only care about the civilians.
Meanwhile my friend says that in gaza, it's like when we were kids and
tried to close the lid on a can full of bugs. Everybody is trying to
get out, and they know everything is closed. And I am studying share
point. and wondering why I have friends who use this kind of imagery.
and looking online for ways to make your stomach not have muscles. I
don't think strippers work out. And I don't either, if i have a say in
the matter.

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