Thursday, March 6, 2008

Someone is WRONG

Mithridates on Fredric Jameson on pornography, The Godfather, Jaws, how much time have you got? (And this is just Part I)


Mithridates said...

I wonder if that someone is me. Probably.

I knew something was up when my average readership went from 2 to 40. I thought: maybe Ithaca had something to do with this. Sure enough. Thanks.

One of the reasons I got interested in Jameson was that great quotation from him that you gave somewhere. Was it on the melancholy of finding only what one already knows? -- anyway, I liked it. But since then I've been disappointed to find that he seems to find the same thing in everything he looks at.

Plus he said some ridiculous things about Henry James (a minor man of letters, I think he calls him, applauding by the bourgeois critics of the 1950s) that I,I,I,I--- [choking on bile, can't write anymore...]

Ithaca said...

No, no. Iöm Iäm I AM (O these German keyboards) just glad you took it out of the drafts folder, because I was aggrieved that you had put it there in the first place.

I loved that quotation about Adorno. But maybe he was talking about himself.

Mithridates said...

I always find mistakes in every single thing of mine that I re-read: I meant "applauded by..." not "applauding." You have the German keyboard problem; I just have a keyboard problem, no matter the language.

Did I have a quotation about Adorno? After a day of tutoring my brain's gone pulpy.

Off to the pub.