Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chomsky & Foucault

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Mithridates said...

To protect The Poor Head, I'm going to strongly recommend that you do not view the two-part debate between Chomsky and William F. Buckley that's on offer at the bottom of the Youtube screen. I just watched it after this fabulous (intelligent and civil) discussion between NC and MF and I wanted to cry. Buckley's unsettling eye-flaring and winking, his velvety patrician voice, his playing to his little conservative coterie for cheap laughs--this reptile perched on a plastic chair, pontificating to a national audience, now eulogized by all sorts of people (most disappointingly by Charlie Rose, who embodies everything that WFB does not). Just godawful. Every time Chomsky tries to speak he gets interrupted by superficial and just counterfactual objections. It's like watching Chomsky getting blobs of whipped cream slung at him.