Tuesday, February 9, 2010

you have been warned

Instructions for writing:

You will have about 45 minutes to write your essay. If your class is meeting in a lab, you may word-process your essay, formatting it with double spacing before printing it and handing it in to your instructor. You may write your essay by hand, if you prefer, and if you are meeting in a traditional classroom, you will have to write by hand. Please bring paper for writing your essay, and write on every other line, so that you may make corrections or additions when you proofread your essay before handing it in. You may use a dictionary if one is available.

There is no length requirement for this argumentative essay, but please remember that it is an essay rather than a single paragraph. Be sure to use quotation marks when quoting words from the story, and to cite the author's last name in parentheses. No Works Cited page will be required for this essay, however.

[unimprovable addendum to Lorrie Moore's How to Become a Writer]


leah said...

I get clammy just thinking about it... at least they're not given a blue book with dotted lines down the middle of each row, to control against the possibility of oversized lower-case 'e's taking over the campus.

Nate said...

Love Lorrie Moore. Read her last semester in my Women as Writers seminar. My prof and I threw down over "Your Ugly Too." Discussions with my professor are like having sex with someone who's into s&m: very pleasurable, and yet sometimes painful. You either end up wanting to share a cigarette and on occasion a pistol. "You're Ugly Too" is hands down one of my favorite short stories. Mark Twain would be proud of Moore.