Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Swedish readers?

A friend recently told me that in Sweden children are taught the basics of plumbing and electric wiring in primary school. Is this true? Hackhanded attempts to find out more through Google have failed.


Aetheling said...
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Aetheling said...

Compulsory Elementary School (grundskola) curriculum gives prominence to the core subjects, which are Swedish, or Swedish as a second language, mathematics and English, which children normally begin to learn from around age 9.

See point 9. "Statutory curricula" here

and for info on vocational training see page 27 onwards here

radian said...

From a Swedish summer student in our lab, "I don't know how it is nowadays, but I was not taught plumbing and electric in elementary school. You can choose plumbing or electric after nine-year compulsory school, but nothing before that I know of. I'll ask around, got me curious too. :)"