Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Beast

The last post was No. 666. Dan Visel has just written to say that our interview is now online on Future of the Book. FOTB has a spectacularly handsome website which is, apparently, powered by Movable Type ; it's sad, sad, deeply sad that I don't have the technical expertise to move up to MT. Link


nsiqueiros said...

Intellectual promiscuity. Priceless.

Your thoughts on having an intellectual relationship with someone one has never met and never will meet are interesting. I've made this same observation about myself in that most of the people I feel a real connection with died a long time ago. Strange.

Asaf Bartov said...

The thing to move up to these days is WordPress. It's superior to MT in all respects, as far as I can tell, is completely free and open-source, and has a thriving community of both plugin authors and free support providers.

The latter should come in handy if you're worried about any "technical expertise", though judging by your library, and by your being the author of a work of stupefying brilliance, I am, shall we say, confident you can operate a Wordpress installation.

That said, it would be an honor to help you in any way, if you ever need technical help.

Helen DeWitt said...

AB: Embarrassingly, I actually have several blogs in WordPress. I keep shaking my fist at Blogger and deciding to move for good. The problem is, the Wordpress paperpools developed differently, as a place where I could just post anything I was reading without bothering to explain, translate, mediate. So I hate to transfer the existing Blogger paperpools to that site; the choices are

1: stop explaining, mediating, linking altogether

2: create yet another Wordpress blog to carry on where Blogger left off

3: create yet another Wordpress blog, transfer to it the entries of the existing WP paperpools, and then take up on WP paperpools where Blogger pp left off

4: [out of the question, but logically possible] just take up on wp pp where blogger pp left off.

Not to put too fine a point on it, this seems ludicrous, a waste of mental energy that might better be spent finishing a book; the result being that the Blogger blog staggers on in all its unloveliness. 2009, though, may be the year when I decide to make unloveliness a thing of the past.