Sunday, September 24, 2023

time out

 Looked at my website, designed in 2007 or 2008 with a few later changes, and it's pretty much unreadable on my phone. (I only got a smartphone a couple of years ago, when you had to have one to show vaccination status in Germany, so the website has probably been unreadable for a long time.)

Will probably move to Squarespace, but I'm dreading it.


Blim said...

Does Blogger not have more modern themes that you can switch to that would offer better mobile support?

If you do end up migrating, Squarespace should have tools available to ease the process:

Helen DeWitt said...

Blogger does have more modern themes, but to tell the truth the blog looks readable on my phone so I don't see a need to switch here. I was talking about my website,, which was designed a long time ago. A few of the pages are in fact ad hoc Wordpress blogs, and are mobile-friendly, so hauling the whole thing into Wordpress is a possibility. I think it would be tricky to apply a Blogger theme to my website, because I don't think they can be used outside the blogs (I would probably have to get someone to copy one).

Blim said...

Ah, I need to practice my close reading! Squarespace is a fine option for a website. It's easy to use and will have plenty of tastefully designed templates for you to choose from.