Thursday, April 19, 2012

pudding meet alice

(pp, vegetarian since 1985, reads a piece in which a vegetarian interviews a man who gives cows a nice life before they become steak)

Logan: Does looking at those eels remind you of The Little Mermaid?
Greg: No.

Logan: Not even a little bit?
Greg: No.

Logan: Which one of these is Finding Nemo?
Greg: None of them. You don’t eat clown fish. They’re too little.

Logan: Oh.
[A dude is cutting some stuff up! We look.]
Greg: This is also awesome, watching these guys do their work. Oh look. He’s got a turtle.

Logan: That fucking thing is alive.
Greg: Yeah. It’s alive until it’s dead, dude.

Logan: …
Greg: Okay let’s roll. You’re uncomfortable, I can tell.

Logan: …
Greg: Those turtles are delicious. That’s the thing.

the whole thing here

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