Sunday, July 11, 2010

Awesomeness of Internet

She meets a reader for coffee. He tells her she's being defeatist. Think of the Awesomeness of the Internet!

She gets an email from a reader, who has a brilliant idea. She can turn to the Awesomeness of the Internet.

Email from another reader. Have you thought of the Awesomeness of the Internet?

Emails from several editors of radical new magazines taking advantage of the Awesomeness of the Internet. Asking for stories for which they can't pay.

More emails from readers espousing the Awesomeness of the Internet.

Email from reader requesting a blurb.

Email from reader re Awesomeness of Internet.

Interviews, profiles of her former agent in the NY Times, New York magazine, Vogue, di da, on Today Show, &c, each whitewashing in ignorance of Awesomeness of Internet.

Lecture from reader on Awesomeness of Internet.


Anonymous said...

Awesomeness of Internet Lecture:

Two years ago I was on the point of killing myself and your book stopped me.

Suppose you were to write hypertext fiction on a pay site that you could build. The narratives could move constantly, couldn't be read the same way again, could teach you Hebrew without telling you how.

How many readers do you have? How many could volunteer resources, or creative capital? Someone could do the graphics for you, cheaply perhaps. What sort of overhead is involved in maintaining a website of that kind?

I gave up writing. I'm learning four languages now. If you're destroyed by the publishing industry, by people who don't seem to understand what art is capable of rescuing, I think I'm going to give up and become a physician.

Sorry if this is more of same, am part of the problem, etc.

owiasjee said...

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