Sunday, September 6, 2009


Things are still a bit tricky. I write posts and put them in the drafts folder. I told someone the other day that I would try to write a review and not put it in the drafts folder, but I have failed; there were larger implications. It's very bad. Still, I'm definitely catching up on Dinosaur Comics of yesteryear.

If I'm not careful I will end up just embedding the entire Dinosaur Comics oeuvre, which is not really a solution for Drafts Folder Syndrome, but anyway, Pi Approximation Day, wish I'd thought of that.


The Steve said...


tom s. said...



And free the drafts folder!

Anonymous said...

My lawnmower has big tires that say "Turf Master" on them, implying that they rule the turf (grass).

Athletic fields that used to be either "grass" fields or "artificial turf" fields are now classified as either "grass" or "turf", dropping the "artificial" modifier because that is obviously too much work to carry with us. In fact, some teams have one set of shoes for "grass" and one for "turf".

So, turf means grass or not grass.

Does that count?

Helen DeWitt said...

I like all of these.

This blog is 90% drafts folder to 10% published posts. Maybe I should just start a web comic.