Friday, October 10, 2008


Before calling Luc, Pierre and I had talked about the place of silence, and more generally the question of time, in interviews and in their transcriptions. I told Pierre about my meeting with Hans Georg Gadamer a few years earlier. He was 101 years old, and he dozed off during the interview. For a few minutes I watched him sleep, without turnng the tape off. Later, Gadamer talked to me about the importance of silence in conversation, and about the impossibility of recording silence in a transcription.

The Tale of the One Thousand Signs, Hans Ulrich Obrist : Pierre Huyghe (Parkett 66 2002)


Anonymous said...

There's always some things we can't do. A music will never be able to explain an emotion, and literature willl never be able to explain how music sounds... or silence.

Unknown said...

try reading B S Johnson's House Mother Normal - he handles it very well