Friday, October 5, 2007

someone talked to me at breakfast

I had gone innocently across the road to buy Le Monde as soon as the newsagent opened (just 10 dirhams, or 1.10 euros) and went into breakfast and was innocently reading Le Monde when someone I met yesterday came in and sat at the table and said 'Just go on reading your magazine.' I did not immediately realise that this was meant to be a joke.


Anonymous said...

That is funny. I of course "knew it" too, about windows ME!
u could pretend u did not realize the joke and keep reading.

"Post-Google" by TAR ART RAT said...

On by my last day in Morrocco a guy approached us on the beach and asked:
"Where are you from? You speak English?"
we kind of shrugged and pretended not to speak much english, but he persisted
"You mush speak English, really not???"
"we continued to shrug and kind of act uninterested until after a few minutes he gave up... but just before he gave up he said he was a student studying English literature - but by then it was too late to admit that we did, in fact, speak English.
The only reason we didn't want to talk to yet another local was that every time we did before they were trying to sell us something or drag us somewhere to spend money, even agressively on several occasions and once even violently. After that we were kind of scarred and wanted to keep interaction to a minimum.
Overall, I don't think this reflects (or, rather, I don't want to say anything negative about Morrocco) but I will forever regret frustrating and playing dumb towards that poor student, he seemed like a genuinly nice guy...