Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MR had a post on the Khan Academy, had a look at what Salman Khan is doing; this is extraordinary. But no Ancient Greek, I see.  (Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese . . . ) This is what I should be doing. (Of course, if I knew Java I would be doing it already.  Shame. Shame.) Mr Khan, Mr Khan, PLEEEEAAAAAAAAAZ.


leoboiko said...

There is a bunch of online education resourses available, at Khan and elsewhere (TeacherTube, MIT, Yale, Academic Earth…). I might be looking in the wrong places, but I find they tend to focus on math, technology, and sciences; there’s a dearth of good material on languages, linguistics, literature, art, history.

If you want to contribute something, I do believe Khan and others would gladly accept the help. Or, if you need a programming/web slave, I am yours to command :)

Helen DeWitt said...

Hm, maybe a programming/web slave is what I need . . . are you in New York? Or?

leoboiko said...

Brazil, sorry. Would only be able to work part-time, from home. I’d do it for free, though, if you’re thinking about an open-content project. If you feel like it, my email is leoboiko@gmail.com .

Jerzy said...

Some teachers have pushed back on Khan Academy stuff:
In the Khan video I've seen, his tone supports a teacher-vs-student view, with him as sidekick i.e. "lemme help you *pass* the class"... rather than a teacher-with-student view of "let me help you *understand* this stuff."
However! That might be an old video, it's still a great resource, and it's improving all the time. You should definitely get involved and/or make your own!