Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You say Brief Encounter, I say WTF

From Kevin Brownlow's David Lean: A Biography:

Howard (to Lean): David, will you please explain this to me. This is a fucking awful scene.

Lean: What's fucking awful about it?

Howard: Well, they know jolly well this chap's borrowed a flat, they know exactly why she's coming back to him - why doesn't he fuck her? All this talk about the wood being damp and that sort of stuff.

Lean: Look, Trevor. Have you ever been out with a girl ... and you know that you're going to make love, whether it's her place or your place ... And then when you get there and the door is shut and you're alone, everything's changed and there's a kind of embarrassment that you hadn't got when you were surrounded by people?

Howard: Oh God, you are a funny chap.

Lean: Funny chap or not, that's the way we're doing the scene. Now come on.

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