Thursday, March 26, 2009

that clinking clanking sound

Came across the blog of a bookseller in Boulder. Back in December he had a post about trying to cut his orders by 20%. Wrote:

The very first book on the order was the paperback of Scott Spencer's Willing. Boy, this was going to be easier then I thought. Willing is hands down the single worst novel that I have managed to finish this decade. Spencer, who made his reputation writing Endless Love, manages to offend everyone with his idiotic plot of a freelance writer going on a high-end traveling sex tour. I drew a quick yellow line through the title despite the fact we sold four copies of the book in hardback.
Which is presumably why it's harder to be a Houellebecq in America. The thing that's so startling to an American reader, reading French writers, is the freedom from the anxiety to please.


Anatoly Vorobey said...

The link to the bookseller is broken; I think this might be the right one.

Helen DeWitt said...

Thanks for letting me know. OK, I have fixed the link to the post.