Monday, September 22, 2008

Caderno de Saramago

Mithridates has just sent me an e-mail. Saramago has a blog. (It's available in Spanish as well as Portuguese; hope that means most readers can read some.)


Jim H. said...

A movie of Saramago's magnificent novel, Blindness, is coming out here in the States this weekend. I'll be attending the first show, at a minimum (if the filmmakers do it justice). I plan to reread the book afterwards and blog a comparison to the film.

I've only just discovered your blog. One quick way to gauge a blog's potential is to review its Labels list. Yours was fascinating, enticing me to read deeper into your earlier posts and to visit here frequently. I would invite you to visit my own little blog, Wisdom of the West which shares a surprising number of Labels and concerns with yours—though mine is currently bogged down (blogged down?) in the American political and economic "crisis".

I also look forward to getting my hands on your Samurai book. My own first novel, Eulogy, is currently in search of an agent.

Jim H.

Rachel B said...

Dear Helen,
I feel a little awkward reading your blog without letting you know, a bit like spying. But maybe that's what blogs are for.

Like others, I'm a big fan of The Last Samurai -- a work of art.

If you like Saramago, and read Portuguese, you may also enjoy Lidia Jorge. I interviewed both in 1994 for a senior thesis. Both authors are delightful.