Friday, April 11, 2008

more damned misconceptions

Over on the new improved Wordpress-hosted Language Log, Mark Liberman has a post on the danger of misunderstanding medical statistics, especially if care is not taken to unpack the concept of false positives. (This was the type of example that first made me think I would like to use statistics in fiction.)

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Anonymous said...

I posted the problem on my facebook and note-tagged all of the comsci Harvard/MIT friends I have!
So if you are able to wait before paying someone, it is likely I will get an answer by the time they all stop being hang-over and go to the library to work on their problem-sets and feel like procrastinating by helping a cute freshman girl/ feel sad they have no date for tonight or ever :)(this would happen by 3 pm maybe)
I know nothing about Macs:(
good luck!