Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rashomon & Robocop

St John the Baptist is the patron saint of blogs. He wandered up and down the land preaching and baptising and saying that one would come later who was greater than he. Often portrayed with a finger pointing offstage. The one who came later also preached and pointed offstage. Link link link. Blog envy has been with us for millennia.

I was thinking of a new scheme to get information about editors when I was distracted. I'd filled the electric kettle and found myself filing it in the fridge. (But I was thinking of a plan To dye one's whiskers green And always use so large a fan That they could not be seen...) I returned to the scheme and found myself checking out TAR ART RAT, who had a link to the blog of a friend who has gone to Ladakh to install solar panels, and the friend had a post about renting a pirate DVD of Robocop and watching it on his laptop

For those who have not seen Robocop, I would merely like to comment that it is far deeper than surface interpretations allow. The director utilizes faux propganda in a way that comments on the totalitarian nature of the medium, while simultaneously using it as a narrative tool to establish a dystopian future hell paved with good intentions. Plus, it has cool stop motion robot animation! Unfortunately, and much to our extreme annoyance, some malfunction of the pirating process omitted random frames from the video while leaving the audio intact

You can go directly to the post here or follow the ethertrail via TAR ART RAT here or stick around for the scheme, which is living proof that I have a mind of my own, albeit one that appears to be operating within a severed head. Somebody somewhere did the dance of the seven veils. Hint from Heloise: Putting the kettle in the fridge is not the fast track to iced coffee. Martha Stewart: It's a bad thing.

Time to start a new post.

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