Friday, May 11, 2007

Fix your mom's computer for Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother's Day. Why not fix your mom's computer?

Fog Creek is offering a Mother's Day special on Copilot, a free one-day pass on Sunday, 13 May enabling you to take over your mother's computer from a remote site and bring the machine up to a Martha Stewart standard of computer housekeeping. More about the deal here.

If you'd like to take over someone else's computer Fog Creek will probably not be taking DNA samples ("No questions asked," is the key phrase), so you do not need to send Joel a heartrending account of your days in the orphanage ("I never knew my mother, Joel. Never knew my father. I'm alone in the world.") -- you can bring joy to someone else whose computer is infested with adware, spyware and who knows what other vermin. A similar offer will be available on Father's Day (17 June); again, DNA samples are unlikely to be required, so you will not need to explain that Scott is more than just a typesetter, he's the only family you have, or that your real father never loved you, your doctoral supervisor was the first person to take an interest in what you were like as a human being --

If your mother's computer has been driving her (or you) crazy, this is a good chance to fix it. If she likes it just the way it is, but you want to have fun with Copilot on somebody else's pc, well, how often has your mother said: I just want you to be happy? If playing with Copilot will make you happy, isn't that the best present you can give her? (If I were Ilya's mother, having extremely fabulous Mr Ilya fix somebody else's computer with the extremely fabulous Copilot would be the best present he could give me short of a world cruise on the QEII.)

Happy Mother's Day.

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