Sunday, April 22, 2007

Refrigerator art

OK, here I go. I'm going
to make this whole
website right now
on this dry-erase


Patrick said...

You know, in my next email to you I was going to recommend You and Me and Everyone We Know, which I just saw last week & loved loved loved. What a coinkydink. I imagine the stories I've read of July's on the web'll be collected in the new book, but if not there's a great one out there called Majesty, in McSweeney's I think. One line has Prince William "nuzzling his face between my buns." Another one says something like "the collapse of the sun looked prehistoric." She's wonderfully bizarre & energetic & so good at the sudden stunning good line.

ithaca said...

I have just ordered the DVD. Thinking I should put more time and energy into appliance-based web art.