Sunday, December 15, 2013

faint but pursuing

Somewhat demoralized.  I put in an application for the winter session of Hacker School - this is a program in New York in which participants spend three months coding - and had my second interview yesterday and then heard I had not got in. 

I can't say that this comes as a great surprise - the last time I did any serious work coding was back at the end of April, and as so often this was only one of a whole slew of things I was grappling with for my book. Then I went back to Vermont because the book was not finished, and on May 2 my very dear friend up the road turned up on my porch in the middle of the night and the whole long legal saga began. So I have not been building on whatever progress I had made up to the end of April - not just with coding, of course, but also with my book. But it is still rather disheartening. But onwards and upwards.


Anonymous said...

Be brave, be yourself, and squirrel it away in your writer's attic. Perhaps it will inspire you someday.

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