Thursday, August 16, 2012


Scott goes home.  He gets a thing of bacon out of the fridge.  Fries four or five slices.  Butters two slices of Wonder Bread, places two slices of Kraft's American Processed Cheese between, adds the bacon, inserts the result in the sandwich toaster deal.  (It sounds crazy, probably, but he did in fact stock up on Kraft's American Processed Cheese, buying 100 72-slice packs @ $9.95 for a total of $995.00 (at 2 slices per day, a 10-year supply).  Toasted cheese sandwiches are Ralph's favorite food.)  Ralph is nuzzling his legs all this time, purring like a steam engine.
Um, okay, no, not purring like, obviously, producing a sound that is more reminiscent of steam engine FX than your typical purr.
Cruel to be kind, Scotty forces the cat to wait till the sandwich has cooled; no way should a cat eat a piping hot toasted cheese sandwich with the liquid cheese close to boiling.  Ralph meows pitifully. 

Electric Literature has posted one of my stories, "Recovery," here.

(Er, as so often, this is in fact part of a longer work, a 61,000-word draft of which sits on my hard drive.  Bah.)


Mithridates said...

Your hard drive is like one of those heavily stocked fridges you write about.

Interesting introduction by the editor, though faithful readers of pp know that yr brilliant post on DFW and eliminating oneself from the grocery store line (instead of just imagining what kind of neoplasms were metastasizing in bodies of the annoying people in front of him) deserved some mention.

Great piece. Always exciting to see something from your refrigerated stockpile.

Helen DeWitt said...

Awww. Anyway, I expect it's good to get things out in the world.