Monday, February 20, 2012

friends in strange places

I went into Niedrige Preise to look at cacti.  The security guard greeted me like a long-lost friend - Wie geht's? he asked, beaming, and continued to beam while making other friendly remarks. I was somewhat baffled, though I smiled and made some sort of friendly reply.  Later I remembered that this security guard had once stopped me and asked to search my bag.  I had gone into NP after shopping at Kaiser's, had decided not to pick anything up at NP and so had simply walked past the check-out line. The guard had then asked to see my Kaiser's bag.  I explained that I had been at Kaiser's and showed the receipt, which corresponded to the items in the bag; he apologised profusely, I assured him that it was completely understandable, and this, I think, is the basis of this unguessed-at friendship.  (Perhaps he is simply relieved to find I am not boycotting Niedrige Preise.)  This time, anyway, I happened to find a tiny stollen, which turned out to cost an amazing .50, so was not engaged in the suspicious activity of entering and leaving without buying.

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