Monday, November 28, 2011


The mail has just come.  Envelope from Harvard University Press.  HUP is celebrating 100 years of the Loeb Classical Library - which they now plan to make available online!


Steve said...

Anyone who can't wait for the Loeb editions to appear online might want to amuse himself or herself with this: Aristarchs Athetesen in der Homerkritik by A Roemer, free on The Internet Archive / Open Library in various formats.

(I perversely tried to prove Sibylla wrong by feeding the .txt file into Google Translate to get an English version—the results weren't good).

languagehat said...

Holy kamoly! But... but... how will they... I guess this will be for OP editions? Or what? I'm excited and confused!

leoboiko said...

If they code it with half the functions of Perseus my life is complete.