Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'll bet they read xkcd

A commenter has pointed out that it is no longer possible to ride around and around and around on the Circle Line. Since 2009 (always the last to know), the line has been reconfigured: trains now go in a clockwise direction to Hammersmith, then loop back counterclockwise.


Paul Waugh tells the full story here.


Ahk4iePaiv8u said...

Sorry to be off topic again, but there will be a movie you should have a look at, when it'll be available, they're gonna make it available through dvd or something - it's a "Passion Play", by Mitch Glazer.
Whoever this guy is, it's rare to get such stupid subject and such a masterpiece, especially these days.

And a, uhm, regarding movies, this Weir's one was good, too, if you ask me :P

Regards, looking forward for "Lightning Rods"

Kind regards,

Ahk4iePaiv8u said...

Sorry to make this, this statement about the movie, public, but I seem to not care anymore :) And I read xkcd, of course.

Bernardo Moraes said...

I KNEW IT! When I arrived in London last year I had a hard time thinking about this.

Also, xkcd is great.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to report this is not entirely true. Once the Circle Line train reaches Edgware Road, it pulls into Platform 2, marked "CIrcle Line via Victoria" (and implying that it will thereafter reverse all the way to Hammersmith.

But this is overridden by a platform announcement confirming that the next stop is Baker Street. The Circle Line thereafter trundles onward in a complete loop.

I have a feeling that this might only happen on a few Circle Line trains, because obviously they want to keep more running on the loop section than on the less-used Hammersmith branch.

You'll be delighted to know that Aldgate's delicately-wrapped soap and anchor-festooned handtowel themed columns are still in place.