Friday, December 17, 2010

To mark National Poetry, Day Nick Rennison, who compiled the Waterstone's Guide to Poetry, and Michael Schmidt, editorial director of Carcanet, invited a number of contemporary poets to select work by poets of the past, beginning in the late fourteenth century and ending in the early twentieth, and to provide brief headnotes to describe their choices. The result is an anthology with a difference. From Gower to Yeats, from the old and the new worlds, the selectors and the selected converge in a volume of wonderful poetry and rich surprise.
Nick Rennison and Michael Schmidt, in association with Waterstones: Poets on Poets, Carcanet, 1997.

A wonderful book, available for download [at a site which I'm now told installs a virus. Gawd. OK, link deleted, but the book is also for sale, see below.]

[Sorry, should have been clear: the book is also available for purchase on, here.



dave said...

would love to read this (if, y'know, they release it in a readable file format...)

Anonymous said...

That link installs the mtx.exe virus.

Helen DeWitt said...

Gawd. Thanks, Anon. Of course, if I were not using a Mac I would have known this. Anyway, link deleted, but the book is also available for sale and well worth buying.

Sage said...

A highly surreal event. I actually looked at that book on my Dads bookshelf about three hours ago, picked him up and asked him what it was about!

I think i need to lie down!