Wednesday, March 24, 2010

War and War

Interviewed at the 2009 Venice festival, Yoav Donat, one of the actors [in Lebanon], said: ‘This is not a movie that makes you think: “I’ve just been to a movie.” This is a movie that makes you feel like you’ve been to war.’ Maoz has said his film is not a condemnation of Israel’s policies, but a personal account of what he went through: ‘The mistake I made is to call the film Lebanon because the Lebanon war is no different in its essence from any other war and for me any attempt to be political would have flattened the film.’ This is ideology at its purest: the focus on the perpetrator’s traumatic experience enables us to obliterate the entire ethico-political background of the conflict.

Slavoj Žižek at the LRB blog on the Hurt Locker's Oscar

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