Sunday, July 13, 2008

return of the return

A reader has explained what goes on when one clicks to leave a secure page. His view was that buyers of Your Name Here should be directed straight to the download page by PayPal. So I have followed his advice and restored the original BUY NOW.

There is a review of Your Name Here on American Crawl. Jenny Turner is writing a review for the London Review of Books.


Cecilieaux said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cecilieaux said... is the very essence of taste and delicacy next to So, sorry, on the aesthetics of the Internet, you remain alone: it is not the ugliest page by far.

Oh, and thanks for remembering those of us who are feed-readers.

Antero said...

Thanks for the link! My actual review of the book (which I really enjoyed reading!) is here


Ithaca said...

Antero. Thanks for the correction. (Fixed in post.)

Ithaca said...

Ceciliaux, yes, the competition is fierce. But the site you link to ADVERTISES itself as beta blogger for dummies.